Data Warehousing Programmer



Data Warehousing Programmer
12 month contract
USC Only
Rate: W2- $60/ hr
          IC2C- $63-65/ hr


Under general supervision, responsible for product support and maintenance of the data warehouse. Performs data warehouse design and construction. Codes and documents scripts and stored procedures. Designs and implements data strategy methods. Develops appropriate programs and systems documentation. Assists with metadata repository management. Prepares and implements data verification and testing methods for the data warehouse. Creates index and view scripts. Performs all functional duties independently. Works on high-visibility programs, or mission critical aspects of assigned program(s). Oversees the efforts of direct reporting resources and/or is responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job.

Required Skills:

  • Ab Initio ETL Coding in GDE-    Ab Initio Metadata Hub Lineage 
  • Ab Initio TRMC 
  • ANSI SQL and Teradata SQL extensions
  • Teradata SQL Assistant (a.k.a. QueryMan) for EDS Support
  • Teradata Utilities for EDS Support:
  • BTEQ
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • FastExport
  • TPump
  • UNIX commands and concepts in order to navigate source code directories, find error logs, perform impact analysis assessments, edit code, version files
  • Linux Shell scripting in order to read and create driver scripts
  • A working knowledge of how Ab Initio conducts data extract, transformations, and loading – especially to and from Teradata 
  • Development of graphs, plans, PSETs and how to develop tests and debug
  • PDL scripting
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